I used to think that people who spoke in tongues faked it, till I got baptized by the Holy Spirit. I knew for a fact that it was real and has power. One day I was being tempted by satan, as God permitted, I did a funny and silly thing but learned a real lesson.

I was tempted to google the words that I heard as I spoke in tongues, which I did. I searched a few of these words but it returned no results. Shortly after I felt a strange feeling of no love whatsoever and just a really strange, awful, sad, depressing feeling. It lasted for a very short period of about 5 to 10 minutes.

During this time, I felt Jesus had left me because I googled the words I heard when I spoke in tongues. Though a thought came to mind that He has not left me, I did a very foolish thing. I tried to test if Jesus was still in me by trying to speak in tongues on my own…lol… but I could not.

After that yucky, awful feeling left, I realized a few things that Jesus wanted me to learn from that experience (as all temptations are aimed at teaching and strengthening us);

  1. Jesus NEVER leaves us, the children of God. Even if it feels like Jesus is not there, HE is always with us and HE loves us. Mathew 28:20
  2. Speaking in tongues or baptism of the Holy Spirit is divine and supernatural. It is not of human making or understanding. Thus, my google search, which is of human making and understanding, returned no results. John 16:5-16, John 20;21-23.
  3. Even though I googled the words I heard when I spoke in tongues, Jesus will not leave me for that.When we do silly things and offend God, HE still forgives us especially when we repent and turn from our sins.

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